Various Maca preparation

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The mere mention of maca will already conjure up images of sexuality and sexual health primarily because of the root crop’s popularity as a libido enhancer. However, maca was used primarily as a food by the Peruvian natives thousands of years ago.

Maca grows wildly in highly elevated areas in the Andes Mountain and those that grow in the highest area had the most nutrients in them. Due to the rough terrain, the natives found it difficult to cultivate crops so what they could find in abundance, in this case the maca root, became part of their daily food staple.

There are different ways of preparing maca as food and supplement. Check this out and consider which of these processes suits the supply you have of maca as well as for what purpose you will use the maca.

Maca leaves can be mixed with other green and raw vegetables and made into a fresh salad. Use with your favorite dressing but vinaigrette will be a good match. Eating maca raw is the best preparation for the herb because you get all the vitamins and nutrients contained in the plant.

Maca root can be boiled and mashed but preparing it this way will most likely reduce the nutrient content. To maximize the benefits you can get even when boiling maca make sure you boil it only for a few minutes. The resulting thick and watery meat can be mixed with milk and eaten as porridge. The mashed maca can also be mixed with other grains or vegetables and be made into baking flour. One tip is to slice maca thinly so that it gets cooked even with reduced boiling time.

Frying maca lessens the mineral and vitamin content. However, you can try this method of preparing maca for variety but make sure to fry it lightly in about 3 minutes to minimize nutrient loss.

Steamed maca:
Aside from eating maca raw, steaming it is the next best way of preparing maca since you preserve 90% of the nutrient content of the food. Microwaving the maca is not the same as steaming it. However, frying the maca offers a richer taste than simply steaming it.

Stewed maca:
You can stew maca to add variety to your cooking preparation. While this method reduces some of the mineral content of the food it can however give you a tastier version of maca. Make sure to stew maca for a few minutes only to avoid overcooking and reducing a greater percentage of its vitamins.

Maca as beverage or shake:
If you want to make your fruit shakes healthier then combine your favorite fruits with powdered maca to create a refreshing but healthier shake. You can also prepare maca as tea.

Taking maca supplements in capsule form is the easiest way to get your daily dose of maca. However, if you have access to fresh maca then choose from the different ways of preparing maca as food.