Scientific value of Maca

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The native Peruvians consider the maca root as a food product owing to the fact that it has become part of their daily food staple. The rough terrain the Andes has made cultivation of crops difficult and since maca grew wildly at high elevations of the Andes, it was easier for them to gather and to consume as food.

Maca is closely related to the radish but closely resembles the potato. It is eaten raw or boiled. Some people even mix powdered maca with other fruits and turn it into fruit shakes.

Maca was once part of the endangered plants list but is now being grown as a commercial product. There is at present a high demand for maca because of its popularity as a sexual enhancer and as a supplement for virility and strength.

The maca root contains vital nutrients that nourishes the body and keeps its organs functioning well. It is thus an ideal herb that can cure a lot of diseases as proven by the high regard of the Inca warriors on the maca plant.

While the maca root is highly in demand among processors who want to cash in on maca’s popularity, it is also being imported by scientists and laboratories who want to research on the components of maca and its healing properties. The value of maca as medicine has been discovered by the conquering Spaniards who even used the plant as tax payment. The Spaniards collected maca and exported the root to Spain for use an energy enhancer and libido stimulant.

The scientific world is very interested in conducting research on the maca plant considering the potency of the root. The maca root can be gathered and stored for a long time without losing its potency making it an ideal plant for research.

Aside from its popularity as a possible cure for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and impotence, maca is also known for reducing the symptoms of menopause among women. It is also effective in enhancing strength, combating fatigue and has even been touted as a natural Viagra by doctors.

Maca is known for its effects in normalizing the hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Erectile dysfunction patients who do not want the side effects of the commercial drugs favour the use of herbs like maca.

Unlike other herbs with known but mild side effects maca does not have toxicity at all so anyone can just take it in and not suffer from any adverse effects. Maca is basically a food and it was regularly eaten by the native Peruvians without experiencing any side effects.

The first study on maca’s effects was made by Gustavo Gonzales, a Scientist at the Cayetano Heredia University of Peru. He conducted a study which was financed by Hersil, a Peru-based pharmaceutical company and which confirmed the effects of maca in boosting sperm production.

The scientific world and the business sector are excited about the endless possibilities that maca can contribute to the medical world. However, a lot of research has to be made to make sure as to the scientific value of maca.