Positive effects of Maca on health

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Maca is commonly known in Peru as a nutritious food that grows wildly in the Andes Mountains. This root crop is however potent and can treat a lot of medical conditions. Here are some of the top effects of maca on a person’s health.

Restore sexual wellness

Maca is highly in demand in the Western World because of its efficacy in restoring sexual wellness. Erectile dysfunction patients have opted for maca instead of the synthetic medication that can cause adverse effects and most of these patients confirm maca’s efficacy. The Inca warriors who are known for their virility have been taking maca thousands of years ago. A lot of patients suffering from sexual dysfunction confirm to achieving an increased libido with maca use.

Increase sperm production and motility

Aside from its effect on enhancing the libido, maca has also been proven effective in increasing sperm production and motility. The glucosinolates content of maca is said to be responsible for its fertility enhancing property. Maca is considered an aphrodisiac and this is attributed to its sterols and fatty acids content.

Relieve symptoms of menopause

Maca is a known treatment for menopause symptoms like hot flashes, fatigue and even female hormonal problems. Maca helps minimize mood swings and reduce other menopausal symptoms. The positive effect of maca in combating the symptoms of menopause is said to be due to the herb’s alkaloids content. Maca contains the macaine alkaloid.

Stabilizes the bodily functions and systems

Maca may have been identified as a libido enhancer but it is actually scientifically identified as an adaptogen or an herb that helps stabilize and achieve the balance and functions of the human body. It boosts a person’s immunity and improves his vitality and strength. This means that if your body needs to lower or increase your blood pressure to stabilize the symptom then maca will perform the needed function to do just that.

Acts on the pituitary glands

Maca contains alkaloids that act on the pituitary glands, the glands responsible for gender related responses. The Vitamin C content of maca also strengthens the functions of the thymus gland.

Maca has a lot of positive effects on the human health. There is no known side effect of maca but there are reports that it contains substances that can cause goiter. However, maca has no known toxicity and the fact that it has a long history of usage as food makes it one of the safest herbs around.