Maca – The secret crop of the Incas

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The secret to the Inca warriors’ battle and sexual prowess has just been revealed and its no other than the root crop called maca. This tuber, which is scientifically named Lepidium Meyenii, grows in high altitude areas in the Peruvian Andes.

There are a variety of maca plans being processed and marketed as supplements in the market but it is those that grow in areas that are 4,000 meters above the sea level and are subject to extreme weather conditions that are very potent.

The maca that grows in high elevated areas in the Andes are the best kept secret of the Incas who take the root crop before they go to battle because it gives them strength. On the other hand, the maca plant is also behind the Inca warriors’ reputation as very virile creatures.

The United States National Research Council dubbed maca as the “lost crop of the Incas” because of the root crop’s high value to the Peruvian Inca’s daily life. Maca was used by the Incas not only to give them strength but also to keep themselves and their livestock fertile.

Various companies are now doing extensive research on the ingredients of this root crop that is responsible for its libido and fertility enhancing properties. At the same time, the maca crop is being processed and formed into powder and capsule supplements.

It has been discovered that the soil where the maca thrives is very rich in minerals and this is then passed on to the maca. Maca tastes sweet, is similar to the radish in shape but looks like a potato. It can be eaten in a number of ways including raw, dried, baked or boiled. Some Peruvians make cookies, tarts and even mixed drinks with maca as the primary ingredient. However, consumers in the United States and in other counties only know maca in its processed form which is either encapsulated or gelatinized.

Maca has numerous medicinal properties and this has prompted some people to call it the Peruvian Ginseng even if it is not related to ginseng at all. Others who use maca for erectile dysfunction call it the Peruvian Viagra.

While maca is highly popular as an herb that can stimulate and increase the libido, it is actually a food that has been proven effective in the treatment of other medical conditions like anemia, sterility, menstrual disorders, stomach cancer and tuberculosis.