Maca – Riding the impotence craze

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The increasing number of males suffering from sexual dysfunction has made erectile dysfunction drugs and herbs highly in demand. Men and their partners as well as their doctors are scouring the world over for a cure to their maladies.

The erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis have been effective in reducing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction but of course, there is always the possibility of suffering from the side effects of these medications. Not all patients however want to take the risks involved in the intake of synthetic medicines so they are always on the lookout for alternative medications like maca.

Maca has been part of the daily food staple of the Peruvians but it is becoming popular even in the Western World as an herb that can increase the libido and improve fertility. It is a root crop that grows wild in the South American Andes Mountains and has been used by native Peruvians both for its food and medicinal properties.

The maca root is a popular virility herb that can increase strength and endurance and give anyone sexual vitality. The increasing demand for maca as an alternative remedy for sexual dysfunction has caught the attention of multinational companies who are looking into the possibility of turning this lowly root crop into a goldmine.

At present, small and medium companies are riding the impotency craze and are processing maca into powdered and capsule form. These companies have been importing maca from Peru and are processing the herb in American or third world laboratories.

The multinationals are not far behind though and two companies based in the United States have already patented maca extracts. At least two patents have been awarded patents to the maca but this has not escaped the attention of environment advocates who are protesting the patent grants. The coalition, which has sought the help of the International Potato Center in Lima, argues that the patent grant is unethical and should be prohibited since it is for a biological material.

The mad rush to patent maca extract signifies the medical and economic importance of the herb. Anyone who manages to control the production and marketing of an alternative medication that can promote sexual wellness is on the way to earning millions of dollars considering the rising incidents of impotence and other sexual dysfunction problems.