Maca for sexual enhancement

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Maca is known the world over for its aphrodisiac effects and for its power to increase male and female libido. Maca is a root crop which looks similar to the radish and the turnip, and grows in places with very high altitude particularly the Andes Mountains.

The herb’s potency as a sexual supplement has been proven as early as 2000 years ago when the Inca warriors consumed it to improve their strength and virility. The maca has ginseng-like properties like increasing one’s strength and improving sexual health.

Men and women who are in dire need of something that can put that spark back into their sex life now use maca to regain their sexual health. Instead of taking in the laboratory-produced sexual enhancing drugs, people now prefer maca because it does not have any adverse effects. Maca is in effect the solution to sexual health problems without the corresponding side effects brought by prescription drugs.

Study shows that the maca herb can boost a person’s sex drive by up to 200 percent. This was confirmed by Gustavo Gonzales, a scientist from the Cayetano Heredia University of Peru, who told journalists that maca did not only prove to be an energizer but it has also improved the libido by 200% of most of the subjects of a nine-month trial. The herb, he added, has also doubled sperm production.

One of the first studies on maca’s libido-enhancing powers was published in the Asian Journal of Andrology. According to the study, the herb was able to increase by 180% the subject’s libido and by 200% the subject’s sperm count. The sexual health benefits of maca is however just icing to the cake because it is also known to relieve stress, anxiety and lower a person’s blood pressure.

Maca’s efficacy in increasing the libido has been proven years ago by the Incas but even modern men vow to the efficacy of the herb in keeping them sexually active once again. If you are faced with sexual dysfunction problems or you just want to improve your overall sexual health and you do not want to be burdened by the life-threatening side effects of prescription drugs there might still be hope in terms of herbs like maca.