Maca – An effective herb against prostate cancer

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The Maca root is popular for its efficacy in stimulating the libido and in reducing the symptoms of menopause for women. However, not too many people know that Maca is also an effective cure for a lot of illnesses including prostate cancer.

The quest to confirm the effects of Maca as a cure for prostate cancer started in April 2004 when a group of people led by Prostate Awareness Foundation executive director Ken Malik joined the Prostate Cancer Climb to the 19,341 feet Mt. Kilimanjaro. Prior to laboratory research for the efficacy of maca for prostate cancer, the group has already proven the efficacy of maca in enhancing their endurance during the climb since everyone was able to reach the summit.

What was more amazing was the effect of maca on prostate cancer patients who were on Androgen Deprivation Therapy or ADT. The Therapy, which seeks to reduce the androgen levels since it stimulates the growth of prostate cancer cells, was supposed to lower the libido of the patients as a side effect. However, after taking maca, some men reported to having an improved libido which further encouraged laboratory tests on the effects of maca on prostate cancer.

The present studies being conducted on the effects of maca on men with prostate cancer could probably result to a different point of view among the do’s and dont’s in the medication of patients who are presently discouraged from taking in maca.

While the world is scampering to unlock the effects of maca in enhancing the sexual wellness of humans, the medical world is also awash with hope that maca can somehow prevent or cure prostate cancer. This was the goal of the national Cancer Institute when it granted $1.7 million to the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute for the study of the effects of maca, watercress and broccoli on prostate cancer.

The Incas of Peru have a long history of maca use not only to give them strength but also to improve their libido. The Western World is presently cashing in on the effects of maca on sexual health and this has somehow put into the sidelines the effect of maca on overall health and in the treatment of various illnesses.

The Incans even considered maca a very powerful herb that it was exclusively used by Inca royalty or nobility. While focus is still on maca’s effects in enhancing the libido, there are indications that health professionals are aware and are interested in exploring the possibility of using maca to cure other illnesses like prostate cancer.

Most of the medical studies on maca however focus on its functions as an endocrine modulator for menopausal women. On the other hand, there are few studies on the use of maca for male prostate cancer.

There is hope that with the studies being conducted by the Prostate Awareness Foundation, other organizations and institutions will conduct their own studies on the effects of maca as a possible cure or treatment for prostate cancer.