Why Maca is so effective in increasing libido

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Mention the word maca and the first thing that comes into mind is libido. This is understandable considering the maca’s efficacy as a libido enhancer making it one of the top supplements for sexual wellness.

Maca is an important crop to the Peruvians not merely for sexual healing but basically because it is consumed as food. The rough terrain of the Andes makes it difficult to grow crops so those that grow wild like the maca are made a daily food staple of the Andes.

The Spanish conquerors who invaded the area soon got wind of the effectiveness of maca in enhancing the libido that they considered the root crop as valuable as gold they even used it as a medium of exchange.

Maca’s efficacy in improving sexual performance is attributed to its macamide and macaene contents which are still being analyzed by scientists. The root crop also contains plant sterols like stigmasterol and campesterol as well as the alkaloids Leidiline A and B—-all of which contribute to making maca a valuable supplement for sexual wellness.

The effectiveness of maca in improving fertility was discovered as early as 1961 after a laboratory study using impotent rats as subjects showed an increase in their fertility after taking in maca. However, the scientific community is still apprehensive about these results as most of the studies done were sponsored by manufacturing companies and the results may have been subjective or were orchestrated to produce the desired outcomes.

Researchers attribute the libido enhancing effect of maca to its protein and other nutrient content. Amino acids are needed in stimulating many bodily functions including sexual and fertility and maca contains at least 10% of protein. The neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline require amino acids like tyrosine, histidine and phenylalanine to transmit signals to the body’s nervous system to process sexual arousal during the sexual act. All of these amino acids can be found in maca.

One important amino acid that plays a vital role in counteracting male impotence is the arginine. Arginine, which also increases sperm motility and production, is found in almost all sexual wellness supplements in the market today. Maca is a good source of arginine. Doctors confirm the vasodilating effect of Arginine which results to an increased blood flow to the male sex organ.

There are many more reasons why maca is an effective supplement for sexual wellness especially for those suffering from some form of sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction. And the good thing about this herb is that it is non toxic at all which means it does not have any adverse effect on the body.